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Sunday, March 20, 2011

#1 : Alert Youngsters!!

Ok nice…I’m writing in English here not to sh0w off or s0rt of being like that but I need t0 practicing my language here so that I can be just like a few of my friend wh0 really fluent with this language whether in writing or in speaking t0wards others..

>>ok...i d0nt wanna be like this...teehee~
d0 click on the image t0 clearly see it =) s0rry f0r the tr0uble...

Ok back t0 the main point….act, I’m feeling a lil bit scared living in this area…ya…of c0urse I’ll felt like this but I d0n’t expect that it w0uld be like waah…like malay said “NGERI LA” u wanna kn0w what?? s0me of my campus’ students n0t living in the h0stel but they rent houses outside…the thing is, I’ve heard a story about they being robbed by outsiders…there is two of them (robber) or maybe more…the r0bber put knife on the student neck and force her to give her ATM card…while one will bring the card t0 the ATM machine, one will ask the pin number and if they resist to give their pin number, they will be hurt or worst maybe being killed….

**what choices d0 they have by seeing this kind of knife at their neck rite??

then the robber will give the pin number to their partner by using sms or phone call….duuh…scary rite?? People n0wadays put the value of life aside instead of money…haish….w0rried…cause I’m planning t0 stay outside f0r the next sem…then, heard about this make me change back my plan….maybe n0t n0w…but a saying g0es “ MALANG TAK BERBAU” rite?? S0,it d0esn’t matter whether living outside or in h0stel, we must always be alert and careful about our safety…

--->> see...the cat also being robbed by them**robbers...aish..what the fish...!!

Ok readers,s0 h0pe all of u will have a nice day…and be careful all the times ok??

p/s : Thanx f0r reading…=)


senyumSOYA said...

yup.. there's a lot of things we need to considered when thinking bout living outside the campus.. since in the hostel itself quite fun because there are all sorts of accommodations..heheheh...

i'm a hostel girl~

mr E oSk gurL said... in the h0stel is safetier and fut but yet the h0stel c0st is expensive...but nvm,as long as my family can afford it, i'll just live in here...hehe^_^

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