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I am just a simple girl. Seorang gadis yang sedang-sedang dalam segala aspek bermula dari A sampai Z. Kalau nak tahu pasal aku boleh tanya. As simple as that. My dream is to be love by someone who will be a father of my kids and not to be hurt. So typical right?

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

#20 : About hurt.

I rather stop, rest, wait and hunting all over again although I know it is hard rather than being with you because both hurts me. Thus, if it is hurt, I prefer the chase, the adventure because it is worth it. You won't know why being with you is hurt because you are hurting me by each single word that you say. Sorry that I leave you but I just cannot stand that anymore. It is not worth it.

After all, the pain had become immune for me. Almost everyday I felt it whether with you or not being with you it is just the same. It is hurt. Yaa.. it did hurt me. :'(

Those scares did reminds me that the pain is always real and are not going away.

p/s : I already forget what it is like to not feel broken and yeah I do live each single day instead of jump off from a skyscraper, bridge, railway etc. Well at least I try to live.
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