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I am just a simple girl. Seorang gadis yang sedang-sedang dalam segala aspek bermula dari A sampai Z. Kalau nak tahu pasal aku boleh tanya. As simple as that. My dream is to be love by someone who will be a father of my kids and not to be hurt. So typical right?

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

For someone that I secretly love.

I still remember, the day you come by.
That was the moment, and you start it with a hye.

You asked me something,
but I can’t recalled
and then we laugh like we known forever all.

I still can’t forget, the night that we first met,
You bring me to restaurant of hawker instead.

We agree to eat at the street, that night,
but the restaurant is more than sweet,
and that is the first night, the first time we meet.

I don’t even adore you at first, not even care,
For me, my past is still more to bear.

But you give me courage and never stop to try.
That is the love that I hardly realise and why?

Time feel like running so fast,
Every day and night discussing about our path.

Sometimes you here, sometimes you there,
Sometimes you love, sometimes you don’t care.

You said that you love me, and I knew it wasn’t true,
Thus, I keep on silent with no reply of “I love you too.”

One day you came by again, and act like “not missing you”,
Out of the blue before midnight, you repeat again the “I love you”

I ask you to stop, because I know the feeling is fake,
Mentioned by you that night, it comes deep from your heart although it is fake.

The moment I am awake, you already gone,
The love that you give before, is now like sunset in the dawn.

I don’t know what to do,
And choose to be calm,
But believe me boy, every day I hope to be in your arm.

And now I already late,
You have met your new soul mate.
As good bye will always not my preference,
Thus, I prefer to watch from far, Instead still hoping for us to be like before, but that’s making me going too far.

I know you won’t love me, it will never be true,
I knew it from the start but still I fall for you.

Now is the perfect time,
to say that I am sorry,
for keeping this from you in a while,
I am in deep guilty.

Thus, its hurt me enough to love you secretly.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sincerely by me.

For Mr. Google all the time,

Tonight after accidentally watch your updates, I realize that you are belong to someone else right now.

I don't know whether to hope and pray the best for both of you or...

To secretly watch you from far and still hoping that you would come back which I knew you won't.

I miss you.

p/s : Sorry that I accidentally love you.


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