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Friday, September 30, 2016

Happy Belated Birthday awak.

Hye you.

Its been a short while.. and think of I might try to write this for you.. although you won't realize this.

Hey you,
I saw you with her,
yet I decide to walk away.

But my heart is trembling,
It's asking me to stay.

You seems to like her,
Like more than a lot,
More than you like me before,
That's the thing, I never got.

We met again, but I am at worst,
To let you saw me at my worst,
Like pain, trapped in my chest.

Realizing you won't stop me,
You wouldn't even realize,
Days making us distance,
and not just distance from eye to eye.

Time might not be the reason,
Even also the distance,
Silence perhaps make a different,
Although you might not care even.

Feel like surrendering,
You gave me hope,
While hope like promise,
The promise I needed the most.

To hope for the remaining love,
As hoping if it is not the hardest part,
The most likely promise that vague,
The lost when we were apart.


We aren't the same,
Won't be the same no more,
Though I feel it is a shame,
While this time, nothing left to be blame.

Though, it is nice to meet you again,
Still felt like goodbye for now,
May time will heal this pain,
With no more fake promise and vow.

Guy so just please,
Leave and let me go,
Aches and scars, you bring,
Had enough for me to blow.

Despite all this...

Dearest Alimiey,
Happy Belated Birthday,
May she bring you cheers,
And joy along your way.

-Teka Teki Misteri-

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