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I am just a simple girl. Seorang gadis yang sedang-sedang dalam segala aspek bermula dari A sampai Z. Kalau nak tahu pasal aku boleh tanya. As simple as that. My dream is to be love by someone who will be a father of my kids and not to be hurt. So typical right?

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Sunday, October 12, 2014


Some people are ugly.
Some people are dumb.
But I am both.

because I love you that is why.
because I care that is annoyed.
because it is hurt and that is for sure.

Please continue ignoring me and block my whatsapp too because I can't stand my self to see you online but not ignoring you.

I just can't help my self from not sending text to you.

That is the reasons why I hate the fact that I like you, I love you a lot.

Because I love you sayang and I know that you won't.

"Scar at your body show that you had fight, scar at your heart show that you had  loved."

p/s : I thought that I am done but still I write about you. Just when will you realize this.

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